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Hey there! Apologies for being MIA on the blogging front. I’ve been penning down my thoughts since a while and I’m glad I could curate a story about something which is really close to my heart.

So those who have been with me on my journey since the beginning, know that I am an academician besides being a fashion blogger.

That means, I interact with students every day, especially the age group of 13-16. I feel fortunate enough to have connected with every student that I’ve interacted with and be able to be their guardian of sorts.

Most of you’ll must have seen the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. As much as it seems exaggerated and depressing, the content of the show does throw light on some serious issues such as Bullying and Peer pressure. Now, you may ask how is this connected to my current blog story? Well, for starters being a teacher and a blogger, I have a platform where I can address this issue.

Bullying doesn’t only mean physically hurting somebody, but traumatizing someone to an extent where they lose their identity, constantly demeaning someone for their appearance or their social status! I hate to admit it but social media does have a major role to play in this vicious circle!

You see pictures on Instagram or statuses on Facebook which only glorify extravagance. You see pictures of people with their perfect bodies, perfect attire in some exotic location and you start wishing for such an extravagant life yourself!  I see such insecurity amongst students as well where their conversations  revolve around who has a better phone or a better car! How utterly ridiculous is that!

I get messages from people being appreciative of my blog work and at times they are nasty as well. Now I don’t want to be go all sentimental about it but I won’t deny the fact that at times it does shake me up.  But I’ve learnt to comprehend a fact that people are nasty when they want to hide their own insecurities and I understand that. However, we all need to introspect about the consequences of our actions. There has to be a constant realization that NONE OF US ARE PERFECT! What you see on social media is not the entire truth. You can’t scrutinize yourself or somebody else based on some glossy perception!

I don’t want to sound preachy but I too go through days of self-doubt. I too feel insecure about some aspects of my body (especially my nose- I’ve always heard that I have a parrot nose) but I’ve learnt to love my flaws  and it has made my life much better and made me more confident to do whatever the hell I want to or dress the way I like.

Taking cue from this thought, I’ve styled an oversized white slogan tee which describes the mood of this story aptly with a black ruffled midi skirt. Also, we’ve barely re-touched the images keeping them as raw and real as we could.

IMG_9892IMG_9916IMG_9902IMG_9907IMG_9897C360_2017-06-27-22-09-51-321-01[1]This combination portrays my satirical choice in fashion, also laying stress on the fact that I dress for myself, to please myself even at the cost of others not finding me perfect coz hey, I have one life and I’m not going to spend it on worrying about others’ opinions!

So all of you out there, especially teenagers, please  stop dissecting yourself or someone else at the cost of being “Perfect”. Be proud of who you are and where you come from!

Until next post!

Slogan tee and heels: Zara

Ruffled skirt: http://www.luluandsky.com

Photo credits: Pooja Parikh

Simran xx

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤