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Figuring out what to get dressed in each morning when your brain is only partially functional  is hard enough. Doing it with the expectation that your entire body is going to transform into a bloated, sweating, frizzled, frazzled mess as soon as you step out of your air-conditioned abode is enough to send you back to bed.

It’s rough out there for anyone trying to project a certain amount of “look” in the summer. It’s all about thinking strategically and taking a few shortcuts that ensure maximum breeziness.

A few pointers in summer styling will take you a long way through.

The first golden rule is to stick to light and bright colours. Yes we all love our blacks and I’m no exception to it and might I add I’ll still end up wearing the colour in this heat; doesn’t mean it’s the most sensible thing to do!

Secondly, stick to natural fibres such as cotton as much as possible. It will give you respite from the merciless heat.

Coming back to today’s post, it is a No-brainer! I’ll be jotting down some cool outfits to help you look stylish in this season. It’s going to be a 2 part lookbook wherein each part will have 2 looks.

Look 1: This summer, don’t be afraid to go a size up! Oversized dressing is a trend that has taken over the fashion forum like a storm. Be it athleisure wear or even dainty pieces, this trend is on its way to rule the roost!

In the first look, I’m wearing this cute oversized pleated dress in the monochrome shades of white and blue! I absolutely adore the pleated detailing on the sleeves making the outfit quite hep! Its super comfortable and breezy making it a perfect summer wear. You can style this outfit with white high-tops and a quirky print sling bag like I have, making it a high street affair. Do not forget to grab your sunnies along.

Oversized pleated dress and sling bag: http://www.luluandsky.com

High-tops: Puma

Sunnies: http://www.fancypantsthestore.com



Look 2: There isn’t one fashion icon who hasn’t sported this trend on the runway or on the streets. As much as it being overdone, it’s difficult to escape from its aura. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about Ruffles. Going by the craze it has created all over, this trend is not going to bite the dust anytime soon.

In the second look, I’ve yet again gone with the same combination as before. Here, I’ve styled a white basic tee with a sky blue ruffled slit skirt. Being a sucker for details, I found the tie upfront on the skirt to be quite interesting. I’ve paired this outfit with a blue sling bag and white sneakers coz as its said, “Once a sneaker-head, always a sneaker-head!”

White tee: HnM

Ruffled skirt: Koovs

White sneakers: Adidas Originals

Sling bag: Michael Kors

Sunnies: Prada



Hope you found the first part of the lookbook useful. Would highly appreciate your thoughts on it. Will be back with the second part soon!

Until next post!

Simran xx

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤