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She had a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit.She made no apologies for her wild heart.She left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary.And she was glorious. –Michelle Rose Gilman

How liberating does it feel to have a mind of your own, to be able to take decisions you want to and own up to them. To not fear being judged and to have the gumption to be able to take the good, the bad and the ugly in your stride! It’s not easy in the least. It requires a mighty heart and a free spirited soul. These are the qualities that I admire in the woman of today. She could be from any walk of life but what makes her unique is her inner strength which comes from a deep-rooted belief in oneself.

One such woman is my mother. Yes, she is the woman of today for she has never backed down in her life. She truly is a woman of substance with a tremendous fighting spirit and the vigor to keep going under any situation. I look up to her as my idol.. As my inspiration! So this post is a dedication to her for being no less than a warrior with a fierce soul.

To justify this post, I decided to collaborate once again with Unniyarcha Jewels which have become one of my most favorite contemporary jewelry brands. They are probably one of those very few labels  which live up to their ethics and principles. They are true to their name and each of their designs comes across as inimitable and powerful just like the modern-age woman.

In my previous post with Unniyarcha, I featured a design from the Arjuna” collection and showcased the earrings in a glitzy look. In this story, I am featuring a design from the “Nakul-Sahdev” collection. This collection takes inspiration from the twin brothers from the epic, Mahabharata who were known for their bravery and excellent swordsmanship skills. These 18k gold plated earrings with resin, turquoise and enamel work were the perfect choice to give ode to my mentor, my mother!

I wanted the look to be raw and muted, hence I styled these earrings with a white shirt tucked in an ethnic printed long skirt that I had purchased from the quaint streets of Udaipur long back. Keeping in mind the strong undertone of this theme, I decided to wear a blazer on top channeling my inner androgynous style. In terms of makeup, I kept the face clean with nude lips and dark kohled eyes with my hair let loose in their natural wavy, messy self. This look would have been incomplete without the big black bindi which only strengthens the bold and resilient character of the woman from the modern era!

Working for this post has been quite enriching and satisfying. I hope this story has been able to strike a chord with all of you.

This one is for you Maa. ❤

Lots of love.

Earrings: Nakul-Sahdev collection by https://www.unniyarcha.com

White shirt: Promod

Blazer: ZARA (Men’s collection)

Printed skirt: Thrifted from Udaipur

Photo credits: Chandeep Sodhi

Simran xx

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤

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