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Since the past few weeks or 2 months to be precise, my mind has been pretty restless. Restless, because of the constant conflicting thoughts going around in my head.

Coming from a science background and having my stint in the corporate world to becoming an academician, I’ve always loved everything remotely close to fashion. Styling outfits and creating ensembles have always given me joy. I believe it is pure art! The science of silhouettes, cuts and fabrics has always intrigued me.

Being an English teacher, I have always been fond of writing and what better platform than a blog! Yes, I believe content is extremely vital when you write a blog. And to be able to have substantial content, it’s important to have appropriate knowledge. Just like other fields, fashion too is evolving hence it is imperative to keep yourself updated.

When I started my blog, a lot of people asked me whether I’ve become a fashion designer or a model. Initially, I used to explain them what I do despite all the information about the blog mentioned quite clearly. Apparently, people weren’t reading the content which bothered me, more so because I had just started and wanted people to analyze my work. I still do! I mean that’s the whole point isn’t it? But is that all? A blog is to express your views, your ideas and not be dictated by others. Then why is it that bloggers these days are bogged by the “number game”? Why is it so important to be in that herd where you eventually lose your individuality? I have absolutely nothing against the “big” names in the blogging world. Some of them really inspire me as well! But what attracts me to these blogs, is the brilliant content backed by beautifully shot pictures. People assume that fashion blogging is nothing but posing in strange outfits, and posting them on INSTAGRAM! And sadly, I don’t entirely blame them because I see this happening a lot myself! Where is the essence of blogging? Why isn’t content been given paramount importance? This really angers me!

Blogging unlike general assumption is tough work! People like me who believe that content is of prime importance, will echo my feelings. To find the right content for a story is a tedious process. A lot of research goes into it and so it’s disheartening when people are only bothered about pictures and not the content.  While I write this, I’m mentally prepared for just a tiny percentage of people to take a read. This is just one aspect to my problem.

The other problem that’s been bugging me is quality work! Just because a brand approaches me to endorse their products on my blog, doesn’t necessarily mean I have to do it especially not for freebies! I am not bound to any brand.  There came a time where I too got influenced by the herd mentality and I realized I wasn’t doing justice to my work or to people who genuinely like what I do. That is when I decided, I’d rather spend my own money, feature trends or products that I believe in than do a mediocre job! You can’t carve a niche for yourself if you don’t believe in your ethics.

Keeping this consideration, I decided to juxtapose contemporary patterns with ethnic style and create a unique amalgamation. Here, I’m sporting a really edgy color block tunic from the designer label Rutbaa by Kalgi. What attracted me to this garment was the unique palette of grey, rust brown and turquoise used for color blocking. The fabric is soft and breathable! I loved Kalgi’s vision of creating a garment for modern women who like to stay comfortable yet trendy and do not shy away from experimenting with colors. This piece is from Rutbaa’s new spring summer resort collection which can be worn as a shift dress. I decided to style this tunic with a white Patiala and juttis to create an Indian look! I believe it’s quite a fresh take on this versatile garment. Going with the theme, I kept the makeup earthy and warm with grey smokey eyes, nude lips and a LOT of highlighter! I went ahead with a long bindi instead of my regular round bindi which makes the look strong and fierce!

Thank you for taking your time out and going through my thoughts. I hope I was able to strike a chord with all of you with this post.

Lots of love!

color block tunic: https://www.facebook.com/RutbaabyKalgi

White patiala: Westside

Juttis: Karol Bagh, Delhi

Photo credits: Kanisha Modi

Simran xx

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤

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