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Oh Haiii!!!

I’m sure you would be racking your brains figuring out what this title means! There are many designers who get inspired by worldly affairs and translate them into their designs and then there are a few designers like Shweta Kapur. She has gone one notch higher by deciphering her personal experience into her A/W ’15 collection.

She has the talent to interject her inspiration into beautifully tailored designs, like her A/W 15 collection that is inspired by her falling down a manhole! Yes, you heard me right! Fuelled by her own injurious fall down the manhole, Shweta Kapur’s 431-88 decodes the occurrence into creating the label’s urban-grunge Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.

Manhole grids, mud splashes, coal creases, rips and tears in the outfit that was, and a bloody leg, were certainly the way forward for the inspiration and the details of the collection. Here, you’ll find monochromatic blacks, greys and whites interspersed with splashes of red, which represented her bloody leg and scar tissue from the fall. As gory as it sounds, you can experience Shweta’s fashionable metaphor from this collection. Each piece of the Manhole collection is etched in clean cuts with detailed precision making them classic staples for an uber fashionista’s wardrobe.

I’m in complete awe of Shweta’s work and I believe she is definitely one of the trend setters of the Indian fashion industry. As I mentioned in my last post featuring her work, its a pleasure donning her designs!

In this post, I’ve featured the super classy red stain print wrap skirt from the Manhole collection. Its a total eye-grabber! What I love about this piece is the sporty but chic silhouette giving it a comfortable yet stylish look. The print is in the form of the blood stains from Shweta’s fall in the manhole. Who could’ve imagined that!? I’ve styled this skirt with a basic white tee and a black-n-white print jacket and teamed the ensemble with my most favorite white sneakers from Adidas Originals and a sleek olive toned sling bag to give it a sporty feel. Since its all about being minimalistic, I’ve just gone with a statement ring which only adds more substance to the look.

As always, it was an absolute delight working with the sheer brilliance of Mr. Muktesh who did complete justice to the look! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! He excels at his work and its pretty evident from the images that you are about to see.

Hope you’ve liked this story. Would love to hear your feedback as well as suggestions on what you’d like to see me doing next!

Lots of love!

Red Stain print Wrap skirt- http://www.431-88.com

White tee- Forever21

Jacket- http://www.only-india.com

Sneakers- Adidas Originals

Olive sling bag- MANGO

Ring- Outhouse Jewellery

Photo credits- https://www.instagram.com/ori0ns

Simran xx

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