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Hey amigos!

Today’s post is special since I’m going to talk about my eternal love for tea commonly referred to as “chai” in Hindi! My affection for tea started not until a few years ago when on a particular rainy day, while on a drive, a friend took me to a famous road side tea stall  near IIM A (Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad) and let’s just say, rest was History! Tea stalls in Gujarat are famously known as “Kitlis” and the kitlis near IIM A are quite a landmark. You’ll find men and women of different age brackets, social status thronging these kitlis!

Not that I’ve never had tea before, but its oddly satisfying to have tea from these modestly presented tiny paper cups or red clay tea cups (kulhads) at the ubiquitous tea stalls. As fancy as teas have become, nothing beats the traditional “masala chai” with milk and other spices! What I love about this modest beverage is the subtle hint of spices added to milk with intensely brewed tea leaves!

Being an ardent chai lover, I wanted to do a post with tea and road side tea stalls as an inspiration. That is when I came across the label India Circus!

India Circus is synonymous with heritage, sophistication and vibrancy. Their intention is to amalgamate contemporary designs with Indian heritage and offer diverse array of moods and tones which represent India. They draw inspiration from humble rickshaws, tea stalls to larger than life Mughal royals and put their creativity into home decor, apparel and accessories! Also, they are pretty affordable! I looked up their site http://www.indiacircus.com and ended up buying quite a few quirky stuff like a kettle print jhola bag, rickshaw coasters and coffee mug, a cotton asymmetrical dress to name a few.  So, if you have a taste for an Indian palette, this is the label to watch out for!

Since the road-side chai stalls were the inspiration behind this post, the kettle print Jhola bag from India Circus worked perfectly! I styled this bag with the white asymmetrical cotton dress from India Circus itself and teamed this look with leather close toed slip-ons that I purchased from an exhibition and a boho neckpiece from the e-commerce site Bijouterie Banjara. Please check them out for some mind blowing boho neck pieces which are a definite head turner! I kept the makeup earthy with smoky eyes and nude lips and a big black bindi to complement the look!

To do justice to this post, me and my friend/photographer Kanisha decided to shoot at the chai stalls near IIM A where it all began! We had the most fun shooting there and I believe it provided more authenticity to the entire look!

I suppose,this has become a pretty long post! haha! Just goes to show my love for these quaint little tea stalls! Now that I live in Bombay, I terribly miss having chai sessions in Ahmedabad with my friends and discussing life and everything else!

I do hope you appreciate this post and the effort behind it! Would love to hear your thoughts on it! :*

White asymmetrical cotton dress and kettle print Jhola bag – http://www.indiacircus.com

Boho silver neck piece – Bijouterie Banjara (you can find them on Instagram and Facebook)

Leather slip-ons – exhibiton in Ahmedabad

Photo credits – Kanisha Modi

Simran xx

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤







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