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Hey Ladies!

Hope y’all are doing great! Well I sure am coz its SUMMER BREAK! This indeed gives me ample time to catch up on all the writing that I have missed so far. So without further adieu, I’m going to get straight into the topic!

Since the day Sonam Kapoor’s wedding to her beau was announced, social media has been buzzing like fire! From the invite, to the gamut of stars attending the wedding to who’s wearing what, we want to know it all!

Now we all aspire and desire to wear those opulent and luxurious outfits, don’t  we? The heart wants it all BUT without burning a hole in the pocket! Well, well! Fret not! For is your knight in shining armour! They have a varied collection of wedding lehengas, suits,gowns, indo-western outfits that will cater to all your needs. The icing on the cake is that you can rent these gorgeous outfits at discounted rates!

“Why Repeat when you can Rent?” is their motto and they do complete justice to it! Do check out their website and you’ll be spoiled for choice! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Until next time!


Styling: Syrah Stylists

Photography: Rohan Trivedi

Simran xx

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Street Style #personalstyle


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Hey Guys! I am back from my hiatus! My last blog post was somewhere in October.  Post that I kind of lost the motivation to write (Too many reasons for that) and was only putting up posts on Instagram but I won’t rant about it right now!

However, I received many messages asking me about my upcoming blog posts and why I wasn’t putting up anything on the site. I feel tremendously grateful to each one of you who’ve always appreciated my blog content and have waited patiently for me to come back on the forum. My only motivation to write again is YOU GUYS!! So thank you once again! Also, I’ve decided that most of the content going up on the blog, henceforth will be my personal style. I’ll try and do as many “non-sponsored” blog posts to maintain the authenticity of the blog.

So without further adieu, lets nose dive into today’s subject i.e Street Style

This is truly a vast subject and there are many dimensions to this area of fashion such as layering, mixing prints, cuts, textures etc.

Street Style can be borderline drab if it isn’t styled correctly.

In this post, I’ve put up two StreetStyle looks which will cater to all seasons.

Look1: Ardent fans of Gossip Girl will related to this look. Went all Blair Waldorf by styling this tweed sleeveless dress with frayed hem and a black polo-neck sweater with black stockings. The pearl detailing on the cuffs give a classy look to the ensemble. To add a little color, I paired the outfit with red satin heels, red-toned studs and topped it off with bright red lips. This look is perfect for light winters, especially in Bombay.

Head to toe: Zara

Earrings: Prerto


Look 2: Play fast and loose with proportions. This applies both to the whole ensemble and to the pieces themselves. In this look, I’ve styled and an oversized shirt with paper bag trousers. In Order to avoid looking like a gunny sack, I tucked one-half of the shirt into the pants and paired the ensemble with nude embellished boots. The neon shades were a last minute addition coz I was in a serious mood to experiment.

Head to toe: Zara

Sunglasses: Forever21


Photography: Palak Shah ( )

Look 2 location: Yiamas (Mumbai)

I had a ball playing around with different styles and putting them all together to create these looks.

Hope you like them too and as always, I will be eagerly waiting for your feedback!

Until next post!

Simran xx

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I feel blessed to be doing the work that I love, especially when I’m a part of some amazing endeavours!
One such beautiful experience that I’d like to share with all of you is the AnushkaxPolaroidSun event that took place on 20th September at JW Mariott, Mumbai.
Polaroid Eyewear, as we all know is a worldwide leader in eye-care and a pioneering international eyewear brand.
This event had taken place to commemorate 80 years of Polaroid and the launch of their new Fall-Winter Collection.
I along with few other influencers were thrilled to meet Anushka Sharma as the brand ambassador for Polaroid.
Before she addressed us, we were shown a short clip called The Fishbowl showing Polaroid’s remarkable journey and evolution all through these 80 years. This story embodies the creative and optimistic spirit that Polaroid Eyeware was founded upon and continues to inspire even today.
Post the clip, we were given a mood board with stationary to create a visual about what Polaroid meant to us. It was quite a fun filled activity, though I doubt how I ever passed Art & Craft in school!
Finally the woman of the hour, Anushka Sharma arrived with her radiant smile and greeted us all very warmly. With her modern and edgy attitude, she perfectly embodies the pop and innovative spirit of the brand.
Anushka Sharma added “I am happy to be the ambassador for such a renowned brand as Polaroid, which is synonymous with being stylish and cool at the same time. I have a personal sense of style which is comfortable and chic and I feel the philosophy of the brand is similar. As the campaign launches on Women’s Day, I salute the power of women across the globe. It really feels wonderful to be associated with a brand that has a legacy of 80 years”



Vintage Verve


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Hello you gorgeous ladies!

So if I remember correctly, the first time I heard the name “Marilyn Monroe” was way back in my teens, probably when I was in the 11th grade. I remember going to the cyber cafe (90s girls will nod their heads in unison) and searching for who this woman was that all my friends were talking about! My jaws dropped. Its hard to explain what I saw when I saw. Of Course, I was mesmerized with her beauty but what fascinated me more was the gorgeous ruffled gown that she was wearing! I could never imagine that something so modern could exist in that era!

I guess that was just a beginning of my fascination for 50s-60s fashion. As I grew older, I started appreciating vintage fashion a lot more. I was bowled over by Marilyn’s style in the movie The Seven Year Itch. I mean its hard to forget that unequivocally feminine ivory  halter-neck dress with accordion pleated skirt that made history. One more famous actress of that era is the ethereal “Katherine Hepburn”. Such grace and panache! I love how these women romanced fashion!

Coming back to today’s look, I have created a look heavily inspired by the divas of the 50s & 60s. Yes, now you know the other favourite era I’d like to time travel to.

Ruffles played an integral part in vintage fashion, so in this post I’ve style this absolute stunner of a ruffled off-shoulder lilac dress from

My husband bought this dress for me on his recent trip to London. (Didn’t I mention before, that he has great taste?) The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew this had to go up on my blog. The fit is to die for and the ruffled detailing at the hem screams vintage! This dress is so gorgeous that it hardly requires accessorising.

However, I went ahead with a statement ring from Vasundhara Jewellery. I had recently witnessed their new collection called “Reverence” at Lakme Fashion Week, Bombay. Drawing inspiration from Indian-origin flowers that are offered to deities, this collection is unique for its intricate detailing and use of varied textures and finishes to authentically capture various elements. I fell in love with the intricacy of the flower petals on the ring.

I have to give a Huge shoutout to the team who made this vision come to light! It couldn’t be possible without these exceptionally talented women who understood the mood of the look and did wonders!

Again, in terms of makeup, Sarah kept my look very fresh and glowing with glitter eyes to add a little drama and glam to the look.

I wanted soft bouncy curls as my hairstyle and I couldn’t believe how well Rishika managed my hair! It was exactly what I had envisioned.

Askara, our photographer knew the tone of the look so she played brilliantly with the lights inside the lounge and made me pose like I had never done before!

I hope I’ve done justice to the stalwarts of that period by creating this look and also been able to convey my thoughts across to you all!

Please do share your feedback, good or bad. 🙂

Until next post!

Lots of Love

Ruffled Off-shoulder dress: Miss Selfridge, London

Statement ring: Vasundhara Jewellery

Heels: Zara

Makeup: http://www.facebook/



Location: Thalassa, Mumbai

Simran xx

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Psychedelic Seventies


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I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of “Time Travel”. It has such an irresistible pull to it. Since I’m a dweller of the past, I’d definitely like to go back in time and explore everything that it has to offer!

Now, if you ask me which decade would I like to experience for a day, one of them surely has to be the 70s! (There will be another post where I’ll talk about another favourite era)

I’d take my cellphoneless body over to the disco club, where I’d get down to “Staying Alive” by Bee Gees, “Dancing Queen” by Abba, Donna Summers or even back home to “Disco Dancer” being played on vinyls!

Bellbottoms flapping with every hustle and shimmy would be the “shiz”! The 70s in particular revolutionized the fashion scene globally. It was bold and overstated at its best.

Taking cue from the 70s, I curated an outfit that would get me one step closer to the time period.

Working my way from the bottom, these asymmetrical wide-legged pants by instantly transport me to the disco era. They are such a great alternative for wide legged denims! I styled these pants with an off-shoulder multi-colored polka dotted top.

This look wouldn’t feel authentic had it not been for the perfect retro Hair and Makeup! I teamed up with two brilliant women who worked on my look to give it  a genuine retro vibe.

Sarah, the makeup artiste gave me a beautiful fresh look with exaggerated winged eyes and deep reddish maroon fuller lips.

Rishika, the hairstylist worked wonders with my hair (considering I have scanty growth) by creating the most amazing bouffant with soft curls at the bottom!

I teamed up with an equally talented photographer, Askara who did perfect justice to the entire look. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

I hope you too get the Psychedelic Seventies vibe with this look!

Until next post!

Lotsa Love

Asymmetrical wide-legged pants:

Off-shoulder top: Zara

Heels: Debenhams

Makeup: http://www.facebook/



Location: Thalassa, Mumbai

Simran xx

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C360_2017-09-03-00-27-11-382C360_2017-09-03-00-25-13-743DSC07421DSC07460DSC07453IMG_7842DSC07431DSC07461 (1)IMG_7872






I- Proud Indian Woman


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What does freedom mean to you?

For me, freedom is to express every thought and emotion that consumes me and there is no better way than through the medium of Fashion.

Since we are celebrating the 70th year of our Independence, I decided to curate a story by giving an Ode to the “Indian Saree”. These 9 yards symbolise our traditions, culture and roots.

For me, a traditional Saree is much more than clothing. For me, it depicts feminty, power, resilience and strength.

Gone are the days when a saree was only worn by housewives.  Today, women are carrying Sarees to boardrooms and International platforms with much élan and grace.

Putting my freedom of expression to appropriate use, I decided to style a bright cotton saree with a twist. I wore it with a stark white full-sleeves shirt with broad shoulders. I wore a belt around it and accessorised the look with chunky statement jewellery pieces.  The look couldn’t be complete without a bindi.

The intention behind curating this look was to portray a certain fierceness that all Indian women have deep within us. When it comes to Power Dressing, why just limit ourselves to Suits, Blouses and Pencil Skirts!

This look makes me prouder of the fact that I am an Indian woman wherein, I can infuse my personality, my style sensibilities  with my roots and culture.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that in a group of women dressed in elaborate gowns, a woman dressed in a Saree will always leave an impression.

I sincerely hope that you all will like this. Please feel free to give your feedback.

Until next post,

Lots of love

Saree: Borrowed from a friend

White shirt: HnM

Belt: ASOS

Jewellery: Firoza

Lensed by: The maverick Navin Dhyani

Simran xx

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Not Perfect, So what!


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Hey there! Apologies for being MIA on the blogging front. I’ve been penning down my thoughts since a while and I’m glad I could curate a story about something which is really close to my heart.

So those who have been with me on my journey since the beginning, know that I am an academician besides being a fashion blogger.

That means, I interact with students every day, especially the age group of 13-16. I feel fortunate enough to have connected with every student that I’ve interacted with and be able to be their guardian of sorts.

Most of you’ll must have seen the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. As much as it seems exaggerated and depressing, the content of the show does throw light on some serious issues such as Bullying and Peer pressure. Now, you may ask how is this connected to my current blog story? Well, for starters being a teacher and a blogger, I have a platform where I can address this issue.

Bullying doesn’t only mean physically hurting somebody, but traumatizing someone to an extent where they lose their identity, constantly demeaning someone for their appearance or their social status! I hate to admit it but social media does have a major role to play in this vicious circle!

You see pictures on Instagram or statuses on Facebook which only glorify extravagance. You see pictures of people with their perfect bodies, perfect attire in some exotic location and you start wishing for such an extravagant life yourself!  I see such insecurity amongst students as well where their conversations  revolve around who has a better phone or a better car! How utterly ridiculous is that!

I get messages from people being appreciative of my blog work and at times they are nasty as well. Now I don’t want to be go all sentimental about it but I won’t deny the fact that at times it does shake me up.  But I’ve learnt to comprehend a fact that people are nasty when they want to hide their own insecurities and I understand that. However, we all need to introspect about the consequences of our actions. There has to be a constant realization that NONE OF US ARE PERFECT! What you see on social media is not the entire truth. You can’t scrutinize yourself or somebody else based on some glossy perception!

I don’t want to sound preachy but I too go through days of self-doubt. I too feel insecure about some aspects of my body (especially my nose- I’ve always heard that I have a parrot nose) but I’ve learnt to love my flaws  and it has made my life much better and made me more confident to do whatever the hell I want to or dress the way I like.

Taking cue from this thought, I’ve styled an oversized white slogan tee which describes the mood of this story aptly with a black ruffled midi skirt. Also, we’ve barely re-touched the images keeping them as raw and real as we could.

IMG_9892IMG_9916IMG_9902IMG_9907IMG_9897C360_2017-06-27-22-09-51-321-01[1]This combination portrays my satirical choice in fashion, also laying stress on the fact that I dress for myself, to please myself even at the cost of others not finding me perfect coz hey, I have one life and I’m not going to spend it on worrying about others’ opinions!

So all of you out there, especially teenagers, please  stop dissecting yourself or someone else at the cost of being “Perfect”. Be proud of who you are and where you come from!

Until next post!

Slogan tee and heels: Zara

Ruffled skirt:

Photo credits: Pooja Parikh

Simran xx

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Floral Romance


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Welcome monsoons! After a long summer hiatus, its good to hear the pitter patter of rain drops on my window sill. I am not a huge fan of the rains but I do admit that they bring an old world charm to life! The smell of wet mud and fresh flowers is beyond invigorating! Its like you time travel back into your childhood.

I recently purchased a beautiful floral dress from (Bombay) and I thought of creating a post as an ode to the beauty of flowers in monsoons! (Yes, I do a lot of non-sponsored posts as well!)

I specifically love the sleeve detailing on the dress. I styled it with a belt from Zara as well and the most perfect pair of red court heels by NEXT from Jabong. I doubt I’d ever find a better pair of red heels than these. I accessorized the outfit with my Tory Burch sling and completed the look with bright red lips.

Hope you like the look and the pictures.

BTW, the credit for these pictures goes to my Dad who is the most enthusiastic  photographer ever! ❤

Until next post!

Floral dress: ZARA

Red court heels: NEXT from Jabong

Sling bag: Tory Burch

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤

Simran xx




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What does the word “Girl Boss” mean to you? A girl or a woman who knows what she wants. She who is in control,  taking charge of her own circumstances in work & life. Someone who knows her worth and won’t accept anything less. She is not a “mean girl” in fact, she hates “mean girls.” She is empowering and inspiring to those around her. She kicks ass! I admire women who root for their own tribe and watch each other grow!

The persona of such women is reflected in the way they dress as well! One such outfit that I feel truly captures the essence of a “Girl Boss” is a Pant-Suit. It is the ultimate girlboss aesthetic that doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring. It’s all in how you wear it. Also , what draws me to this outfit is the unique amalgamation of “Power meets Sensuality”.  As much as it is structured, with its clean cuts, it is super feminine too!

Now, you can embrace this style in numerous ways! I chose to go for a “work to night” look and nothing spells it out better than a bright bold color. So when I got the chance to collaborate with one of the coolest high street brand’s splash fashion for their SS17 collection, my heart skipped a beat on finding the perfect electric blue pant-suit and I knew I had to feature this on my blog! It was absolute love at first sight!

This outfit has the most amazing fit, superb cuts and clean lines; just how I had envisioned myself owning a Power suit. There are some outfits which make you feel supreme and confident; this is one of them! Since the color is so enigmatic, it can easily be adorned for a night of revelry!

Since I was already treading the bold line, I decided to style my pant-suit with equally bold red court shoes! I can’t stop gushing over how gorgeous they are! In terms of hair and makeup, I kept my hair sleek and simple with red lips coz there ain’t no rules that I like to follow! You can obviously go for a more subtle option if you choose to.

I loved curating this look and was equally satisfied with how the pictures have come out. My friend/classmate/boss lady who is an amazing Photographer herself has done complete justice to the look!

Hope you’ve enjoyed going through the content and the pictures. Please do share your valuable feedback with me!

Until next post!

Electric blue pantsuit-

Red court heels- Next from Jabong

Photo credits:

Simran xx

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤

P.S: The color may slightly vary in some pics because of the light and the background.


Oversized white shirt wonders!


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One herculean task that all us girls/women face, is “What to wear”! I hate to accept it, but that is the universal truth. No matter how many clothes you have, they are never enough! It becomes even more so difficult when you are a fashion blogger. Creating different content on a regular basis can be a daunting task. But that is the beauty of it! The challenge for a fashion blogger doesn’t lie in buying new stuff every now and then(Of course by then you’ll be broke) but curating varied looks from clothes you already own! You can either tread the safe line or think out of the box.

I like challenging myself every now and then, creating looks which are different yet satisfactorily ME!

Since I am on a month long Summer break, I decided to do a little wardrobe cleaning. I was in a generous mood that day so I thought of re-arranging the husband’s closet as well! Mid-way through the process, I came across a stack of white shirts (yes he is obsessed with white shirts just like me) that he hadn’t worn in a while. That is when my creative juices started running on full gear! I stole one of them and decided to style it in my own way.

I wanted to create a retro-chic look so I wore the mister’s shirt as an off-shoulder top with flared blue denims. I styled the look with a corset belt which is huge on popularity at the moment and wore tangerine heels to add pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic look! I wore oversized nerdy glasses which I believe went quite well with my retro look and carried a grey sued bag with tangerine piping!

Let me add, the mister was quite impressed with the look which meant that I had won half the battle coz he is my biggest critique. While we were scouting for locations, we came across this rusty, stranded road-roller and I knew I had to have this in my frame!

I’d love to know your feedback on this look. Also, please do tell me if you would like to see me styling more looks with an oversized white shirt!

Until next post!

White shirt: Stolen from mister’s closet (United Colors of Benetton)

Flared denims: Newlook from Jabong

Heels: Zara

Corset belt:

Hand bag:

Oversized glasses: HM

Photo credits: Chandeep Sodhi

You’re Vogue Amigo ❤

Simran xx